Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiki Postcards

One thing I love is tiki style, I love tiki pin up shoots, I have a long standing dream of creating a tiki soda bar for my (next) house, and I love the Monster High Skull Shores dolls and their fantastic tki style!

I was taking photos for my shop, trying to come up with something that would really bring out the retro pin up in these dolls, and created a little scene using some tiki-tastic pieces from my little collection.

Inspired by one of my favorite pin up photographers the insanely talented Viva Van Story, and with a little photoshop aging magic these are a few of the photos I put together with my personal de-boxed dolls.

I have to say the Ghoulia from this line doesn't get enough love. She's pure 60's dream girl, and the clashing green in her outfit makes her one of my favorite Ghoulias to date. In fact I want her swim suite so bad!

There are more photos over at Dolly Daydream, and you can pick up the dolls for a tiki party of your own over at the shop!

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