Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zombie Elvis

A while back whilst talking monster high with friends, the subject came up of how awesome a zombie Elvis doll would be! Since my husband is an Elvis fan, and had a large hand in the idea/design, zombie Elvis ended up coming to unlife as part of his birthday present this year.

The challenge was set as, must be fat Elvis and must have the eagle jumpsuit.

The biggest challenge was adding a few pounds to the doll, and having him still fit the stand. The extra "fluff" was made with a bit of teddy bear stuffing in the jump suit. The next biggest challenge was the "rhinestone" eagle motif. For that inherited tubes of fabric paint!

The hair is hands down my favorite part on this doll. I re-rooted in a little left over black hair up front for the quiff, flocked the sideburns, and concrete hair lacquered the lot in place.

Complete with box he cuts quite the zombie scene! (at some point I just need to make him a zombie chimp for a pet)


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