Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Sisters

One of the things I love about the Monster High dolls (after the fantastic retro detailing on a lot of them) is the little back stories they put behind each doll. It makes them more than just pretty fashion models, but also gives them a personality you can relate to.
My latest acquisition from the line reminded me a lot of what it was like being a big sister growing up. I remember arguments and fights over not wanting to lend my clothes to my little sister, and the usual "she's so annoying" moments. But I also remembered how we were then and still are now best friends and that I would take on any threat that dared to mess with my little sister!

She's a kick ass chemist now and all grown up (and taller than me) but once a big sister always a big sister, These little vinyl toys gave me a wistful sense of nostalgia for when we kids.

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