Friday, June 14, 2013

Doing Science!

Got my claws on the latest Monster High classroom 2 packs. I know a lot of folk are mostly into the Heath/Abbey pack (coming soon), but as a school chemistry nerd, not to mention hardcore Ghoulia fan (with a PhD chemistry nerd for a sister). The mad science pack was the first box I ripped into!

I love this set. Classic Ghoulia with the best headband yet, and Cleo has a nice splash of color with a  glammed up lab coat (of course). One of the most fun details in the pack was the beakers. At first I was sad the lockers didn't make a come back in this round, but the props made up for that. Lids come off, tubes can be used to combine pieces or left aside for separates, even the main beaker has a removable explosion for before and after disaster!

I fixed up a background from an old turn of the century science lab (creepy) and snapped a small photo set with 2 of my favorite ghouls mixing up trouble. Reminded me of the time a girl in my high school science class unleashed a cloud of concentrated acid vapors into to the lab. Mr Hackington would have been proud!

Full photo set over on the Dolly Daydream site!

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